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Print is, most definitely, Not Dead

We've heard it uttered in various circles - the ominous death of a medium that has been here since the stone ages. Our response? Pffft.

Image of LA Weekly Newspaper sales box - Headline: Print Aint Dead

We're not worried. As long as people live and interact with the real, moving world - print will survive and thrive. In fact - with the dawn of new eras and technological advancements, print has only become more accessible and affordable to more people and businesses. Great news for us, and likely, great news for you!

Rather than blither on with our own opinions we will present you with some stats - disregarding one of history's greatest legends of print, Mark Twain, who swore there were three types of lies - "lies, damn lies and statistics."

  • Print continues to be one of the largest industries in the world, eclipsing the auto-manufacturing industry in employment. That's a heck of a lot of ppl fighting for an industry!

  • It is a $640 billion dollar business purported to drive more than $3.8 trillion in related services. Sounds pretty healthy, right?

So where does this nonsense come from? Well - journalists. Ironically enough, the idea of print's death stemmed from the fear mongering professors of journalism. News, an industry that has traditionally relied on print to survive - print magazines, print newspapers. In all honesty - these areas of print did experience a slight death, but magazines, newspapers and all of print are hardly the same thing - and they are recovering. Adapting to the times newspapers and magazines have diversified their revenue sources - and their lives go on.

The truth of the matter is - the digital realm is actually working to bolster that of print. The trick with print is to stay agile, smart and do not - for the love of god - deny or fight off new trends. Jump on in, the water's fine - print and digital communications do coexist quite well.

Print is not dead, it is evolving.

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