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Top 10 Myths of Being a Graphic Designer

10. Graphic Design is easy.

If we make it look easy… we’ve done our job BUT graphic design is just the same as other jobs that require experience, knowledge and dedication.

9. Graphic Design can make you rich. Fast.

Ya…. Hmmm – nope! Good thing we love what we do!

8. Graphic Designers know everything.

Having the ability to read minds would be wonderful!!! BUT it hardly ever happens and instructions from clients can be vague or undecipherable.

7. The customer is always right.

At times they are. At times they’re not. Graphic designers use styles, techniques and knowledge to create good and effective design to aid your project. Best to at least listen to some of their advice.

6. Education stops after graduation.

Education never ends. To be good at what we do we must continue the process of constant learning.

5. Graphic Designers have total reign over design.

The reality is that design is a collaborative process between the designer and the client to achieve the outcome. We can advise but we do not control the entire project.

4. Fixing design is as fast as a flick of the wrist.

With the help of computers, designers can execute their work faster, but asking a designer to do a design fix in just a matter of minutes is a fallacy.

3. Graphic Designers are natural born creatives.

There is no such thing as a natural born creative. Like everyone we have to work on being creative constantly.

2. Design is only done on the computer all the time.

Truthfully…. some of the best design ideas still start off with a sketch.

1. Anyone can be a Graphic Designer

Anyone can train to be a graphic designer but realize that this is a lifestyle and we are not just people playing around in Photoshop all day (as much as we’d love to). We live and breathe art and design and update ourselves with the latest design trends and technology. Extensive research must be done before presenting large proposals to clients and we have to be able to maintain great relationships and understanding with our clients as well.

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