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Happy New Year Ahead!

Let me take a moment to reintroduce ourselves as I realize that while we’ve been very busy keeping up with work projects and various deadlines, we’ve let our social media presence slip a bit under the bus.  It’s hard to keep up with it all and our number one responsibility is to our client’s current real-time needs.  I’ve now promised myself that I will once again attempt to add the odd blog, post and feature about us more often this year so we’re not forgotten. Those who know us and have worked with us over the years are aware that we keep our staff small and our ambitions big.  This keeps us on our toes and in a steady flow but every now and then it’s good to dig into what else is going on beyond our studio and in the bigger design world and what better time to do so then at the start of a brand new year.

So, what’s New?

We all know technology is rapidly changing and while it appears our team is going to have to dive in and figure out how to work in a market now jumping into the use of artificial intelligence, I also see that design trend projections are stating that much of which is seemingly cool now is being pulled from the archives (albeit with a twist of modernity).  Trends such as continuing to use natural materials in packaging, minimalistic & utilitarian design (yes people… less is more!), artistic simplistic doodles, 3D design (make it pop, make it real), gradients (fading one colour to the next), classic printing (embellishes, texture, finishes – print is still not dead), serif fonts (we don’t all have to be “sans”), prominent photography (to tell a story at a glance), collage (using mixed medias), playfulness & expressive typography, retro design, generative art, custom fonts (especially used in your logo),  maximalism, various patterns, pixel textures and more.  Whew!!!!  Is that exhausting or what????  As I read about all that’s to come in 2024 I’m also reflecting on how much of this we were doing at school over 25 years ago.  We focused on much of these same elements and so while some things change (especially in the way of technology) much is still the same.  You’ll see this repeated in architecture, interior design, fashion, music and more.  What goes around really does seem to come around again.  We just have to learn the newest advancements of technology to blend it all together seamlessly.

And what Resolutions have the NSD team projected for OUR year ahead?

While we can’t vouch for Phil and Marge, Eric and I will continue to do our best and always keep our core design values and skills sharp (you have to know basic design fundamentals to also understand how to use it to represent your client and adapt it into a viable product for each project).  We’ll also embrace change and learn to work with it (never to be afraid to learn & adapt to new technologies).  And while so far my research assures me that currently AI is far from completely replacing professional designers, as most of our jobs require social skills to negotiate, persuade and solve problems we should prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.  Or, maybe by then, we’ll be retired on a deserted little island with no tec insight.

Happy New Year Everybody! Here's to ALL of US!


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