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A New Year, A New Website!

Even graphic designers need website updates. We liked our initial site but felt it had a lot of "stuff" that wasn't necessary anymore. We called in Laura DiCesare from forwardwebb Design/Development for an opinion and a site audit. She was simply amazing to work with and beyond fast. We were so impressed with Laura's talent that I promised to make my first 2021 blog feature about her. I asked her "why anyone should hire a professional web developer, such as herself" and here's what she had to say.

1. Saves you time! Building a beautiful website takes time. It is a complex process that includes planning, and design to create an engaging user experience and interface to keep users on your site and learning about your business. 2. Custom Design and Visual Appeal No one is interested in spending time on an unattractive or boring website. A professional developer will make it look consistent and organized throughout, and make it unique to your business. No cookie cutter templates, but an original site that represents you or your company. 3. New Tech & SEO A web developer will be up-to-date on current technology and trends and be able to optimize your website's SEO. Your website cannot achieve it's goals if your target market cannot find you.

So.... what are you waiting for? If you need an entirely new website that effectively functions on all media forum or you just feel your current site needs an overhaul, give Laura a call at forwardwebb. We greatly recommend her.


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