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The Logo Running Club?

When I ran the race that qualified me for the Boston Marathon, the day was cold, windy and rainy. I went to the starting line with major doubts running through my head from the start. I’d never run 42 kilometers ever and in these conditions it would be tough. Throughout that entire race, thoughts of never making it entered my mind but I convinced myself I could do it and plowed through it.

Logo design can be similar to running a race (oh yes - it can!) You gear up, you jump into the process, you pace yourself through changes and proofs and at times when the client starts asking for things you don’t feel work for their logo (that’s when the wind and rain comes in)… you have to plow through it. You must dig in and finish the job – keeping your client happy with a logo they are proud of and one you hope to feature in your gallery :)

When you hire New Sun Design, you get accomplished graphic designers with experience. Designers that want to help you tell your story and help brand you the best way possible. Designers that will get you to the FINISH LINE!

Check out just some of the logo work we've been involved in on our website. Happy to say, there's lots more to come.

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